MORNING BUZZ: Facebook, Grand, and Fired

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Good Morning…

Some quick shots this morning for the blog


The Data Center for Facebook in Altoona won’t create 10,000 jobs or anything but it is a major development for Iowa.  Getting these Tech companies to begin a relationship with Iowa is never bad.  As they expand and have different needs…who knows?  It’s a great get for Iowa.  Congratulations to the Economic Development team at the State.


The Description of events from Rep Michelle Bachmann’s former Chief-of-Staff is pretty bad for Sen Kent Sorenson.  He got paid is the bottom line(of the allegation).  Where the money came from and who knew about it…what the actual Senate rule says will all be debated.  I find it interesting that Sen Brad Zaun was pretty closely aligned with the campaign too…no mention of payments to him.  If it was fine to get paid wouldn’t Zaun have done the same?  Also you have to ask, if Sen Sorenson thinks this isn’t wrong…why run it through another company and not directly from the Bachmann Campaign? I will be interested to hear all the answers when the Ethics Committee investigates.

Do you think Sen Sorenson should resign?


It’s going to be cold tonight for the Grand Blue Mile and the kickoff for the Drake relays. Who’s got the over under on my time for the mile tonight?  I’m going for a sub seven minute mile but I’m not sure I can do that.  The boys are excited.  They are going to run as much as they can.  They would like someone to cheer for them.


So we are going to start a vegetable garden in the backyard for the boys this Summer.  I was a little hesitant to do this but then a lightbulb went off over my head this morning.  A raised garden box now seems like it will make things a lot easier.  So who has suggestions for our little garden?….and remember it will be a little garden


So this kid in North Dakota got fired for uttering off-color language as his first words on air. The Today Show was kind.  All of the Anchors say…don’t fire him…and who would want to see a kid fired because he screwed up once?  I wouldn’t.  That said, if you watch the rest of the tape…it was a disaster.  We’ve all had those moments…I was late for a cut-in one time…couldn’t catch my breath…people thought I was having a heart attack on the air. Heck, yesterday a bad pronouncer in a script threw me off so badly that I butchered the name of the Boston Bombing suspect.  We all make mistakes…some of them sloppy and stupid…  But this kid just didn’t seem like he had the presence to be on camera.  If he’s bad…his boss has the right to fire him…if he has the goods…one screw up shouldn’t dictate his early career.

Last but not least a Happy Birthday to Jeriann.  We hope she is enjoying her birthday!


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