CASINO VOTE: Considering Rolling The Dice

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Warren County voters have just a week left to decide if plans can move forward for a new casino in Norwalk.  Monday night, the Norwalk school board is considering the issue.

“We’re all gonna know in a few days what the outcome is, but I think it`s very prudent for my board to look ahead and try to be proactive about this and say if this happens, what are our opportunities and what things might we have to make accommodations for,” says Norwalk Superintendent Dennis Wulf.

Signs reminding people to vote yes or no are scattered across neighborhoods in Norwalk.  Supporters say a casino would mean hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars for cities and schools in Warren County.

“If you don`t like the casino, don`t go, but you shouldn`t deny that there are all the positives,” says Nicci Limb.

Critics say they don't want a casino in their back yards and the problems they say would come with it.

“I think there is a lot of concern with people in other areas of Warren County that they also wouldn’t want a casino in their backyard,” says Kyle Jackson.

Wulf says school board members want to be ready for either outcome.