HUNGER STORIES: Pushing For Food Legislation

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More than 1,000 paper plates will be delivered to the Statehouse Monday with handwritten stories about hunger.

It’s part of a campaign by the Iowa Food Bank Association to urge lawmakers to pass a state emergency food program.

Iowans wrote messages on paper plates about why they use the food bank, how hunger affects them, or what they want their elected officials to know about hunger.

One plate reads, “I was kicked out of my home by my husband of 14 years. I left with my 2 children with clothes on our back. If it had not been for the food pantry, my children and I, we would have gone hungry.”

A State Emergency Food Program Bill has passed the Senate and now sits before the House.

The program would bring more funds to food banks across the state as well as create a farm-to-food tax credit.