RESIDENCE HALL: ISU To Convert Legacy Towers

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When it comes to Legacy Towers, many Iowa State students have the same opinion.

"It's one of the places where a lot of the partying happens. It is right next to Welch Avenue,” said Kyle Zibrowski, a senior at Iowa State.

"It's the biggest party apartment in Ames. When there's nowhere to go, you go to Legacy,” said Jeff Grenier, a junior.

What students see as a weekend hot-spot, Director of Residence, Peter Englin sees as a solution to the shortage of available beds.

"We're close to 1,200 beds short,” said Englin.

Legacy Towers has a clouded history.

In June 2009, a 19 year old man died at the building after falling down an elevator shaft.

Then in August of 2012, a 19 year old student was critically injured after falling from a 5th floor balcony.

Under university watch, Englin says the facility will be as safe as any other dorm.

"What we wanted was a building that we could run under our rules, our staff, and our expectations,” Englin told Channel 13 News.

Legacy will be available only to second year students and students age 19 or older.

It will be operated like other residence halls with community advisers on each floor.

"We typically have one community adviser for 45 students. In this building, it will be one for every 25," said Englin.

While offering the Department of Residence 300 more beds, the agreement could create a headache for students who have already signed leases at Legacy Towers in the fall.

"I had to get my lease done in February. If I got kicked out, I'd have to live out in west Ames,” said Grenier.

Englin says the owners of Legacy Towers will work with those students to find equal or better places to live in Ames.