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The snow storm couldn't stop a springtime tradition in West Des Moines. It was opening day at the Valley Junction Farmers Market.

“Its May, I would have never guessed that when we opened the market it would be freezing cold,” said Monica Coons, with Chef Monica LLC.

But the spring snow storm couldn’t keep first time vendors like Coons away from opening day. “It's exciting to be at the market but a little crazy at the same time.”

“There was really no turning back because we had all this stuff baked, and we thought well we`ll give it try and see how it turns out,” said Fannie Yoder, who traveled all the way from Lamoni for the market.

150 vendors were expected, but only about a quarter of the vendors showed up, and half of them left before six. Those stayed had to improvise.

“Everything is covered. We couldn't put out banner, or table cloths, or some of our more decorative items. My business cards aren't out. Everything would get wet,” said Coons.

The band's performance was canceled as well. Organizers say this is only the second time in recent years the band has been canceled. Both times it was the same band.