SHOOTING WITNESS: Iowa Woman In Houston Airport

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A West Des Moines woman is spending an extra night in Houston after witnessing a shooting in the airport there Thursday afternoon.

Marcie Morrison estimates she was about 25-yards from the shooter when she heard two ‘pops’ followed by another two ‘pops’. Morrison and those around her hit the floor while an undercover officer in the area ran towards the gunshots.

“In between the shots I heard them say how do you get out of here and it drew my attention because it was frantic and I saw him pull his shirt up and he flashed his badge and had a gun… It was comforting, but shocking to realize how many undercover cops are around,” Morrison told Channel 13 by phone.

CNN reports the shooter was killed, but it is unclear whether he died by his own hand or that of the agent.

Morrison says she was detained for at least an hour, while officers secured the area. Her flight was then cancelled.