SHOT PUT: Hannah Hood Rising Star

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The Hoods of Creston know how to throw a shot put. First father Tim, then brother Zach, and now it's Hannah time.

At first glance it may be hard to tell that Hannah Hood isn`t your typical teenage girl.

“Whenever I’m about to go and I’m on the bus, I get nervous and have to listen to music. Got to get that Justin Beiber in there,” she laughs.

But once Hannah enters the shot put ring, those butterflies flutter away...“Just the feel of it, just letting it go and knowing that I have talent and I know that I can be as good as I want to be.”

She has talent alright, Hannah just broke her school`s shot put record with a throw of 37 feet 4 inches. That throw would have been good for 6th place in last year’s 4-A girl’s state track meet, the only problem is Hannah is still in middle school.

“It`s just amazing to see a 14-year-old girl do that. And my son is just like you don`t understand how much power she has. She hasn`t even matured yet,” mom Rhonda Hood says.

But like a true competitor Hannah says she doesn`t put limits on herself, “I`m looking at maybe throwing in college. My goal is around 45. Just hoping that people know I’m actually here to throw and I’m serious about it.”

And no one doubts Hannah will reach those goals, but for now it`s enjoying middle school and a Justin Beiber tune here and there.