TULIP TIME: Plenty To Enjoy In Pella

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Pella Tulip Time started Thursday and while the main attraction is outside you can find plenty to do out of the wind and rain.

“There are a lot of little houses, it’s just getting from one house to the other. But if you just walk quickly, you can get to a museum, you can watch the garden club, spend lots of time in many, many places,” said Shirley Weller. “You might have to use your umbrella for a few steps.”

Shirley and Ken Weller are just two of the hosts you'll find at indoor attractions in Pella. Shirley recounts the history of Pella and offers tours of the miniature village and Ken tells visitors how the windmill works.

On top of that, you can tour the Scholte House, the first home in Pella built back in 1847.

At the Memorial Building, there are demonstrations on Dutch costumes, Dutch chocolate and tulip bulb planting. The Pella Opera House is also holding events and there are plenty of goodies at the bakeries.

The parade and stage show were canceled for both Thursday afternoon and evening because of the falling snow.

Folks in Pella know that the weather is just something you can't control but volunteer, Dick Redman has a plan, “I contacted Ed Wilson to be in charge of weather this year, but Ed, you`re fired. I`m hoping that next year, that Jeriann Ritter, I’m putting my money on Jeriann Ritter next year to be in charge of weather!”

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