SNOW SURPRISE: Students Enjoy Snowy Day At Camp

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It wasn't a typical day at camp for a group of fourth graders.

Students from the Grinnell-Newberg School District are spending the end of the week at the Y Camp in Boone, where plans shifted with the forecast.

This isn't what you expect when your school goes on a field trip in May.

“I peaked out the window and it was covered in white,” says Teacher Sally Smith.

Smith's 4th graders are spending 2 nights and three days at the Y Camp in Boone, but Thursday’s morning's winter wonderland was a surprise to everyone.

“I didn`t even know it could snow in May, I didn`t even know it was possible,” says 4th grader Laynie Clark.

But when at camp, the show must go on.

Outdoor Education Director Mike Havlik says the camp plans for these situations.

Some activities are moved inside, and changes are made to those kept outside.

“We started planning back in March, we plan for days like this we live in Iowa, so we`re going to have plan B, plan C, plan D,” says Havlik.

Students still got to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, all tied to what their learning in the classroom.

“I`m having a lot of fun,” says 4th grader Tanner Alger.

The only problem was a lack of warm clothes and water-proof boots.

“We`ve had to improvise, we have some grocery sacks inside shoes to keep feet warm, extra socks in their backpacks, and just layers whatever you  have here at camp, just layer it on,” says Smith.

And while conditions aren't ideal, this group of 4th graders doesn't seem to mind spending part of their field trip in the snow.

“It`s been fun being outside, especially because it`s snowing and it`s really fun,” says Clark.

“It`s memorable every year, but this one is one that will go down in history,” says Smith.

Last year at this time campers were enjoying the air-conditioning in their cabins.

Havlik says in his 22 years of teaching at the camp, he's never seen snow in May.

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