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LIVING DONATION: Lifesaving Gift For Toddler

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Parents would do anything for their children. One metro mom had to ask family, friends and members of the community to give her son a lifesaving gift.

It’s hard not to smile when you see Teddy Reid. He’s seventeen months old. His mom Sarah Reid says, “He likes to get into things and discover and explore and bounce. “

But, he's still learning to stand and he gets his food through a G-tube.  Reid says, “Teddy was born with renal failure his kidneys didn't work from birth.”

Nearly a third of his life has been spent in the hospital. His mom says, "He's had 4 or 5 serious blood infections. He was septic for a while. You wouldn't know it because he looks really healthy."

Teddy has had 12 surgeries in his young life. He’s about to have his 13th. This will be a kidney transplant. Sarah Reid says, “I posted on Facebook. I said I know a lot of you have been asking about when we`re ready."

Teddy's parents aren't able to donate their kidneys. So, they put the call out to friends, family and near strangers. Tiffany Tice says, “When my first was born, I bought cloth diapers and a baby carrier from her.”

Tice followed Teddy's journey on Facebook. The mother of two young boys didn't hesitate to see if she'd be a match. She says, “All of this testing to see, not only if I’m a match for Teddy, and my kidney would be good for Teddy, but also that I`m healthy enough to donate and if it would be good for me to do this as well.”

She'll go through a three to four hour laparoscopic surgery. One of her kidneys will be transplanted into Teddy. She'll spend two or three days in the hospital and four to six weeks recovering at home, while others help care for her kids. Tice says, “I think it's because I am a mother. My kids are super healthy, thankfully. But, I know that if we were in a situation like this, somebody would do this for me and I would need somebody to do this for me."

Reid says, “All that effort that her family is putting forth just to help our family is really touching. It`s overwhelming. I feel like there`s no way we can ever repay that.”

The transplant is this week at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. The community is supporting the families through fundraisers, an online auction and online prayer vigil.

You can learn more on the Reid’s Facebook page.

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