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MATHEMATIC POOCH: Dog Calculates Sonya’s Age

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While out on the golf course working on a story about a paralyzed man with a passion for golf Channel 13’s Sonya Heitshusen found it wasn’t just Dennis Walters who had a cool story to tell, so did his dog.

Bucky is not just a faithful and friendly companion, he’s smart and can even help Walters with simple math.

"How many tires on a car?" asks Walters.  Bucky responds by barking four times.  "And a spare?" asks Dennis.  Bucky barks once more.

Another one of Bucky’s specialties?...Guessing women’s ages, he gave Sonya a try, two barks.. then one more, 21-years old. Sonya was flattered, so she gave him the year she was born and he did the math. He got it right, but it’s her birthday, so we’re keeping that part of the tape a secret.

To watch Dennis Walters' full story click here.

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