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GETAWAY CAR: Front Loader Used In Burglary

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Police say someone burglarized a city building Friday and they used city equipment to do it.

Security guards noticed the break-in at the Des Moines Public Works Facility on Southeast 22nd Street, during a routine check Sunday night.

Whoever did this just happened to pick the building where some very valuable items are stored.

Police don't think it's a coincidence that this was the only building that was broken into. It's where public employees lock up their personal items and store power tools needed for the job.

"I'd estimate in the vicinity of $10-15,000 in equipment losses," said Pat Kozitza, Interim Director of Des Moines Public Works.

Police think whoever is responsible has been here before.

"We'll look at a list of people who have been terminated recently and go from that angle," said Sgt. Jason Halifax, Public Information Officer for the Des Moines Police Department.

Police aren't sure how many suspects they are looking for.  Evidence shows they jumped a fence to get into the property then went straight to building 4, breaking locks and windows.  They also cleaned out a vending machine, but that was nothing compared to their flashy exit.

Police say the suspect fired up a front end loader and smashed through the fence, just another reason they think the crime was committed by a former employee.

"The loader that was used was a key-less unit that has a pad that you have to have a code to access," said Kozitza

It seems like the list of suspects should be pretty short, but police say it may be a list of property that leads to an arrest.

"All of our stuff is marked as city property so those items will be tough to sell individually," Halifax told Channel 13 News.

The Public Works facility had no security cameras onsite at the time, they say cameras were on-site for about six months, but after no incidents they elected to remove them.

Now that a burglary has occurred, Public Works says they will look into bringing those cameras back.

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