SYNTHETIC POT: Three Teens Hospitalized

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Three Des Moines teenagers were hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana on three separate occasions over the weekend.

Sixteen-year-old Dakoda Crutcher almost died this weekend after smoking synthetic marijuana his older brother bought for him.  And Blake Crutcher should have known better.  He's smoked the stuff too in the past and it almost killed him.  Now, he’s stopping for good, he says, after his brother was almost killed.

"He went and stayed with his buddy for the night and the next thing you know my mom was rushing him to the emergency room.  Scary, " Crutcher says,  "Cardiac arrest.  Convulsions. His eyes were rolled up in the back of his head.  Scary.  I don't know."

Types of synthetic marijuana have been outlawed in the past.  But manufacturers can generally make a few molecular changes that make the substances legal to sell again.