OFFICER FIRED: Suspect Kicked In The Head

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Des Moines police officer Colin Boone received the Medal of Valor in 2011 after pulling several teens from a burning car.

Two years later, he finds himself off the force.

Boone was fired on May 1st after assisting in the arrest of a Des Moines man who crashed his vehicle into a concrete barrier.

According to a police report, two officers attempted to arrest 28 year old Orville Hill.

The report says Hill was acting erratically and refused to get out of his vehicle but Hill's attorney says his client wasn't resisting arrest, but was having a medical issue.

While assisting with the arrest, Boone kicked the suspect in the head.

"That kick was inappropriate and inexcusable," said Sgt. Jason Halifax, Public Information Officer for the Des Moines Police Department.

An investigation into the incident began just hours later and Boone was placed on paid administrative leave.

While this was the incident that led to his termination, it's not Boone's first time being disciplined for use of excessive force.

In 2009, a Des Moines woman filed a lawsuit against Boone claiming he fractured her arm while attempting to arrest her.

That lawsuit was settled, and Des Moines Police won't say what discipline he received from the department.

Matthew Boles, the attorney for Orville Hill says he's surprised Boone remained on the force despite his history.

"It is negligent of them to continue to employ an officer who has been documented to use excessive force, who has falsified reports,” said Boles.

Boles is yet to file a lawsuit against Officer Boone.