SWEET CORN: Relax Everyone…Crop Is Okay

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There are questions surrounding our favorite crop, but one of the biggest names in Sweet Corn has some answers.

“We got it in the same time we usually do," says Ray Christenson of Grimes Sweet Corn, "it’s just been that three weeks of cold, wet weather is holding it back.”

Christenson planted the first week of April, so did everyone else.

“Ron Deardorff out in Adel, I know has some planted. I don’t about Pennington in Indianola, but I’ll bet he does.”

They all have corn growing, but just barely.  The cold spring hurt and so did last week’s snow.

“Well, it nips the top off, but the growing point is still under the ground so it’ll keep pushing up,” Christenson says.

It will keep growing, but corn will arrive later than last year, no doubt.  2012 was the earliest ever, and this year is actually close to normal.

“I think we’ll be fine, but we may not have it 4th of July. It could be the 6th, 10th…somewhere in there.”

This time last year, Grimes had everything planted.  This year, there’s still plenty left in the bag.

There’s always SOMETHING that could be better.

“I wish it was drier, and it stayed like today as far as heat, but I think we’re fine. We’ll have corn, there’s no doubt.”

And we’ll eat our fill of it, there’s never ANY question about that.