MORNING BUZZ: Vote, Free and PCC

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Good Morning,

Jeriann says best day of the week today…yesterday will be hard to top.


Warren County goes tot he polls for a special election on the future of a casino in Norwalk.  I don’t think the Iowa Racing and gaming commission would approve it anyway but you never know.  voters we talked to think its going to be close…The county already has seven or eight times the number of absentee ballots it usually does.  That number will go up…

Selfishly I hope it fails.  Warren County is too close to Polk County and right now gaming revenue supports a lot of community efforts here.  If you ask someone in Warren County if they use the Zoo, the Science Center, the Civic Center…I bet a lot of them would say yes.  If they do then they benefit from Polk County gaming revenue.  Why would you want that to go away?


The story of three women kidnapped in Cleveland is chilling.  It is amazing that these women are blocks away from where they were abducted but Police never found them.  SO many questions…what happened to them?  Why did these men abduct the women in the first place?  Is the Child they were seen with one of the women’s son?  How did they get free.  It will be a movie before you know it.


It was Media day for the Principal Charity Classic yesterday so we went and played the golf course that will host the tournament for the first time this year.  The tournament has a great line-up of players but the question is…will they like Wakonda CC as much as they liked Glen Oaks?  They REALLY liked Glen Oaks.  I can’t see how they would complain about Wakonda.  It is in the best shape I;ve ever seen.  Part of that is the weather but the crew out there has done a great job particularly with the putting surfaces.

I think the fans are going to like this venue a lot more because the holes are closer together.  The 16th green, 17th tee, 17th green and 18th tee are within a couple hundred yards of each other.  If you stand at the top of a hill at 16 you can see everything happening on all three holes.  It should be loud down there on Sunday.  Three weeks to the start of the tournament.

Hope you have a great day!