HOME BREW: Grimes Sweet Corn Whiskey

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What started as a crazy idea has turned into a big business for a Grimes couple.

Chris and Janet McAninch knew it wouldn’t be easy, and they knew there was a big chance they could fail, but they decided to go all in and try the whiskey business anyway.

“In order to do that we had to sell a lucrative business, we had to sell that liquor store business before we could move on with this venture, so it was a real gamble,” Janet explained

As a liquor store owner Chris already had an idea of where to start, “I don`t like the craft beers, and I’m not a wine drinker, and I thought what would be more appropriate than some type of whiskey.”

But he wasn’t thinking just any old whiskey, “the city of Grimes is sort of famous for its sweet corn, so I thought what could I do to bring our whiskey to Grimes? What would be fitting? And sweet corn whiskey was it. “

Sipp'n Sweet Corn Whiskey is made from Iowa corn, distilled in the state, and finished off in Grimes.

“The recipe wasn`t so hard. What was hard was going from a small batch of 2 gallons of a time to 250 gallons at a time and that`s taking a little trial and error process.”

In just 8 months’ time, they've figured it out and now Sipp'n Sweet Corn Whiskey lines the shelves of 250 grocery and liquor stores across the state.

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