EXTORTION ARRESTS: Three Charged In Plot

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Three people, including a court officer are facing extortion charges after they threatened to reveal items embarrassing to the victim, according to investigators.

On April 8th, a Sac County resident reported he was being extorted for $55,555 from an unknown male.

In return, the caller said he would hand over embarrassing items. The Sac County sheriff’s office did not say what those items were.

Five days later, a surveillance team watched as the victim made the money drop in McHose Park in Boone.

The alleged extortionist got away but the bait money was recovered.

During the investigation, the sheriff’s office determined it was court officer, 36-year old Andrew Menken of Carroll and 39-year old Jason Heffelmeier of Buckingham allegedly behind the plot.

Both have been charged with extortion and theft.

Investigators also say 23-year old Elizabeth Aschinger of Carroll was also involved. She is charged with conspiracy to commit extortion.

The sheriff’s office did not say if the suspects know the victim.

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