GREAT RIVALRY: Dowling & Valley Take It To The Rugby Pitch

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Rivalries are what make sports great.

Football, basketball, baseball, softball, you name it when Dowling and Valley get on the field, it is intense and now they’ve added another sport to fuel the rivalry.

The Maroons and Tigers are duking it out on the rugby pitch.

And they`re not the only ones, since rugby first became a sanctioned club in Iowa. The sport has grown immensely.

That`s exactly why rugby will be a part of the Olympics in 3 short years and why everyone playing rugby in Iowa hopes it`ll soon be recognized by the Boys Association and Girls Union.

Rivalries like Dowling and Valley are important to the growth of the sport in our state, but it`s even more vital that the smaller schools get involved too.

No matter the school, rugby could soon breed great rivalries all across Iowa.