MORNING BUZZ: Swatting,Scoring and Dining

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Good Morning…

We’re always happy to have our friend Megan Reuther up on the News Desk.  She’s in for Brooke this morning.

The news:


Who’s the Jackwagon who thinks this is a funny joke?  I hope they find themselves in need of The Police Department just as they are making one of these prank calls…and that the Police are tied up.  Actually I hope they just find the person who did this and put em in jail.  Maybe as part of the sentence they should have to meet people who’s loved ones died because police couldn’t get to them on time.


Here’s my quarterly reminder…more important during construction season …accelerate when you get on the Interstate please!  I was behind a woman who decided 45 was as fast as she could go getting on at Valley West Drive…As the traffic is flying by, I had to dive into a much faster traffic flow to make it out of the merge lane…

Get up to the speed of traffic on the ramp and shove your way in!


Am I supposed to care who Jodi Arias is?  I don’t


Jeriann gave the men in the audience a challenge this morning…Ask your wife what they want for Mother’s Day.  I chuckled…because whether its your Mom or your wife…I bet most Men would say the answer they get is something along the lines of “Just a hug or some time with all of you…”

OK, but if we fall for that and your fellow Moms get showered with gifts and pampering, are you going to feel slighted?

I won’t do it.  A Mother’s Day gift is forthcoming.  I’d be interested in the opinions of both the Moms and the Husband/Sons.


Iowa’s Zach Johnson shot a beautiful round of 66 at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrasss.  The Players Championship is called golf’s fifth major and it would be great to see Zach compete again.  He was second here last year and yesterdays round in the 60’s makes it five rounds in a row in the sixties for Zach.  I tell you all of this because if you watched any of the coverage on Golf Channel yesterday, you may not even know Zach is playing in the Players Championship.  It’s like the announcers on Golf Channel have some sort of bet to see how little they can mention his name when he’s on the leader board…This guy is a major winner and a perennial top 20 on the Money list.  He’s not flashy but he is good…I hope he forces all the announcers to call his name a lot Sunday.


We were fortunate to be included in a fundraiser last night for the Central Campus Culinary Arts program.  The High School Students were responsible for preparing food, taking orders and serving.  We couldn’t stay for dinner but I brought in the “Central Campus Chocolate Cake” this morning to share.  It was great, and the students did a great job taking charge of the night.  It also helps to have great company for a great dinner and we had plenty of that.  Thank you to Scott and Kristen Carlson for the invitation!

I hope you all have a great day!