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TRAFFIC CONTROL: Dubuque Keeps Tower, For Now

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A Dubuque air traffic control tower has survived becoming a victim of the federal budget sequester cuts.

Rep. Bruce Braley announced Friday that the tower will remain open at least through the end of September. The FAA informed Braley’s office that the recently enacted Reducing Flights Delays Act of 2013 will allow them to keep all 149 “contract” air traffic control towers open for the remainder of the fiscal year 2013.

“I’m encouraged that Dubuque’s air traffic control tower will remain open through at least September. This is good news for Dubuque’s economy, and I’ll keep working to keep the tower open permanently,” says Rep. Braley.

Despite his approval of the tower remaining open, Rep. Braley says that he is disappointed that it had come down to this type of situation in the first place.

“This problem was created because of Congress’ refusal to work together and make smart spending decisions, jeopardizing programs vital to America’s economic security,” he says. “Congress has a duty to make the tough choices needed to reduce the debt in a responsible way, and it’s time politicians in Washington accepted that responsibility.”