SECOND SCHOOL: Ankeny District’s Transition

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The Ankeny school district is growing at rate of more than 3-hundred kids every year and it's running out of classroom space.

This fall Ankeny will open up a second high school on the north side of town.

The split caused controversy and confusion when it was first announced in 20-11 so the school district created a transition program to help students and parents make the switch.

“We created a website called transition central that started in 2011, we`ve had face to face group meetings with students and we`ve sent letters to homes for parents,” says Jarrett Peterson of the Ankeny School District.

Ankeny Centennial will be located on the north side of town, while Ankeny High School will remain on the south side.

The two schools will include tenth through twelfth grades.

The principal, Dr. Jen Lindaman, says the change is in the best interest of the students.

“I think I think it`s the right decision for our students because it does create so many more opportunities for them to be known to be apart to engaged in all the things that go on in our school.”

The district hired 30 additional people to staff the new high school.

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