MORNING BUZZ: Heat, Change and Mother’s Day

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Good Morning!

Well those of you who were complaining about the cold weather and wishing for the start of summer…you get your wish today.  Mid-ninties…give those plants some water to suck up.  Our small Veggie garden has some sprouts popping up through the soil.  The boys are very excited.  We are also VERY lucky to live in a Neighborhood that has beautiful flowering trees.  They are exploding this week!  So are my allergies!

The News:


So a group of kids attacked a small dog with rocks and BB guns.  We’ve been talking about behavior…learned and taught among the three parents on the set.  I can’t help but think about some of the things we are already running into.  SpongeBob comes to mind as a popular but idiotic example of what passes for kids TV.  If it doesn’t teach my kids letters, numbers or some altruistic message while holding off on the fart jokes…I don’t want it on in my house.  I watch a lot of sports with the boys but I often change the channel when there’s a commercial I don’t like.  NBC’s Grimm is not for kids.

I’m not one of those parents…I’m not keeping my kids away from the TV in favor of activities like weaving baskets from hemp grown in our backyard….I use the TV as a babysitter as much as the next guy, but we are conscious of it.  Not all Disney Movies are appropriate for a four year-old.  We also are usually there to watch with our kids.  We can talk to them about what they are seeing.  It may seem like a small thing…how much can TV influence your kids decisions, right?  Ask the Pomeranian at ARL.


Minnesota becomes the 12th State to legalize same-sex marriage today.  It will go into effect August 1st.  Just six months ago, Minnesota voters defeated an amendment to the State’s constitution that would have banned same-sex marriage.

Maybe I’m not looking at this the right way but isn’t this vote a clear sign that the elements pushing for constitutional amendments defining marriage are simply a vocal minority?  here in Iowa we see the numbers have turned in the past few years if you believe public polling.  I wonder if more Republican politicians would say they support same-sex marriage or would say they at least have no objection if it didn’t mean that they would see a primary challenge and a loss of donations.  If it weren’t about money…what would they think?

Big Brother

The President says he is outraged at the IRS for it’s targeting of Tea Party groups.  Is it funny to anyone else that it’s a Democratic Administration being accused of this kind of behavior.  Now the Justice Department was looking at Phone records from AP reporters and editors…and not just work phones.  They were looking at home and personal cell phones.  Next time someone brings up The Bush Administration and weapons of mass destruction, enhanced interrogation, or warrantless wiretaps…I think we can end the conversation by saying there aren’t many…if any angels in Washington D.C.


Murph got it right.  It’s simply unfair that more video scrutiny is placed on Tiger Woods than on any other golfer.  The Marshals that were on the hole where Sergio and Tiger had their little incident came out last night and told Sports Illustrated Tiger wasn’t telling the truth about the incident.  They say they never gave him the heads up that Sergio hit.  Who cares?  The two were 50 yards apart…Sergio clearly had time to stop his swing and back off when he heard the noise.  Look, there are people who don’t like Tiger and people who don’t like Sergio.  Not a big deal but the noise incident with Sergio and then the drop Tiger took off the tee when he duck hooked and dunked his ball on 12 show people are just looking for an excuse to call Tiger a cheater.  Everyone on that tee at 12 says the drop was good.  Those are the people who are supposed to use their best judgment to make the decision.  I have no problem with it.    I’m glad Tiger is winning.  He does things with a golf club no one else has done.  I will root for him on the golf course.   I don’t need him as a role model off the course.

Mother’s Day

JT GrandmaWe had a great Mother’s Day with Sally’s family (my mother is still on another continent) at  Blank Park Zoo.  the trip included a ride on the train and the Carousel so they were pretty happy.

It was supposed to be about Mom…but as always in our house it ends up being about two four year-old boys.  That’s just the way it is right now.  They were both appropriately appreciative of their Mom and their Grandma Sunday.  sallywill




But they also got new bikes…so the day went pretty well for them too.


I hope you all have a good day.


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