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TOUCHDOWN CALLS: Brinson Brings The Fun

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The Barnstormers were already known for their unmistakable helmets and cowbell noise makers, but now their new voice is gaining some attention.

Jim Brinson’s voice sings through radio waves, his play-by-play is like music to the ears.

“Arena football is supposed to be fun, so I try to make it fun,” he laughs.

“Jimmy B has the natural pipes for it first of all... I enjoy his play-by-play and he does what a play-by-play guy is supposed to do and that`s create the theatre of the mind,” Joe Stasi says.

It not just his pipes he known for, it’s his creative use of song lyrics to celebrate Barnstormer touchdowns that people have noticed.

“You know how you get a song stuck in your head, then you can`t get it out. It was going on with me. Game starts Barnstormers score right away. I just blurt out the lyrics to the song,” Brinson explains.

And it stuck, now each time the `Stormers find the end zone, Brinson belts out a lyric.

“I`ll throw a little rap in, throw a little old school in, I’ll go in the way-back time machine. I went Elvis in the San Antonio game, you ain`t nothing but a hound dog,’” he smiles.

Through 8-games they`ve score 54 touchdowns... That`s 54 touchdown calls with 54 different song lyrics.

“I listen to the radio all week, people will email, text or tweet me something, so i take peoples suggestions all the time. I just try to pick song that will be affective during the broadcast.”

But how he chooses which song...Well a performer can`t reveal all his secrets.

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