HIGH NUMBERS: String Of Car Break-Ins

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People in Ankeny have reported an usually high number of car break-ins over the past couple of weeks.

Police are investigating nearly a dozen cases.

Five of them happened Monday on Ankeny's south side.

Two cars were broken into at Saint Paul Lutheran Church and another in the lot at Southeast Elementary School.

That's where Lindsay Redd says her window was shattered and a small purse was stolen.

"I was parked directly in front of the front door where the buses pull up. You could see right out the window at my car and it was in plain view. It wasn’t anything I expected to happen,” said Redd.

Police say car break-ins usually happen overnight, but these cases have happened in broad daylight.

Since break-ins can happen so quickly and there are rarely any witnesses, officers say this crime can be difficult to prevent.

"These are crimes of opportunity where someone sees something through that locked car door or window, they want it, and they bust your window out, reach in and grab out and leave no evidence. They're in and out in seconds,” said Lt. Ben Bowersox.

Charges for breaking into a vehicle can range from a simple misdemeanor to a felony based on what was stolen and how the car was broken into.

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