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Adam Geneser and his wife, Stephanie dumped everything for a new way of life and a new approach to yoga.

"I had a corporate job, a really nice job," says Adam.

The Genesers moved from Denver to Des Moines last year and opened Power Life Yoga.  It's a powerful physical and mental workout.

"In your practice today, find your Goliath and take him on," encourages Caryn Lee Meeks, one of Power Life's instructors.  "Meet him head to head."

"Our foundation is power yoga, which is a physical form of yoga," says Adam.

We're trying the Power Sculpt class.  It incorporates power yoga with weights, cardio and plyometrics.

"It's a real ass-kicker," says Adam with a smile.

We begin with some traditional yoga moves, like plank and tadasana, then add weights.

Caryn Lee doesn't let up, "Come on.  Breathe through it!"

The weights help tone the muscles and ramp up the heart rate.

"What year is it?" asks Caryn Lee.  "The year of the rear," responds a client.

"It’s not stretching in a hot room, which is traditional.  It’s modern yoga, fast paced, but it’s all levels, " says Adam.

Speaking of fast-paced, just when we think we're wrapping up, Caryn Lee incorporates that cardio we talked about.  First comes the fast feet, then some dancing.

It's fun and challenging.  And by the end of the class, we're ready for Goliath.

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