CAR BREAK-INS: Another Neighborhood Targeted

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Residents in one Des Moines neighborhood say they’re keeping a close eye on their streets. Earlier this week we told you about several bold car break-ins in Ankeny. Now in the Sherman Hill neighborhood residents have also noticed an up-tick in crime.

“I noticed that the console between the seats was up and I just thought I might have accidentally hit it and then when I got in the front seat I noticed that the glove box door was open.” Carla Hicklin said Sunday night she realized someone had gone through her car, but she wasn’t the only one. “As I’m talking to other neighbors I find out it`s happened to a couple other people.”

Sgt. Vince Valdez helps patrol the area. In a lot of the cases the resident didn’t file a police report, which Valdez says makes it hard for police to get an accurate count on how many break-ins have happened.

“We recommend that they do call an officer, make a police report because that information could be used later if we see a trend even the smallest little piece of evidence could help us solve some other crimes,” Valdez says.

Valdez recommends keeping your vehicles locked and making sure everything of value is out of sight. Although in many of the cases only small items were taken.

Hicklin says it’s an uneasy feeling knowing someone was going through your property. “It was a creepy feeling and what was really creepy was there was no sign of breaking into the car, everything was fine, no broken window.”

Police say on top of making sure your vehicle is secure, it’s also important to keep your home safe. They recommend closing all windows if you’re going to be gone for a long period of time and try to only open them up when you’re at home. They say an open window can look like an invitation to a burglar to break in.