DOG KILLED: Owners Say It Wasn’t A Danger

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Marshall County Sheriff`s deputies killed a dog they say was dangerous. The owner says the dog was targeted because it was a pit bull.

Jasmine Anderson buried her best friend this week.  Her beloved pitbull, named Fabio, was shot by a  Sheriff’s Deputy.   Fabio had run off twice this week from his rural home.  Police say the dog was terrorizing neighbors and lunged at a deputy.  Anderson says police over reacted.

"He was just a sweet dog.  He was loving.  He was six years old.  His joints were starting to get a little achy from being a little older and he spent most of his time playing with the kids or just enjoying time laying out in the yard," Anderson said.

Sheriff Ted Kamatchus felt the situation was different, "What do you do?  Do you become a victim yourself?  Do you allow the dog to bite you..tear you up?  We don't allow that.  If we feel someone is going to be injured...great bodily harm or death, and that can happen, we take appropriate action."

The sheriff says deputies tried scaring the dog off with sirens and car horns before it attacked.  He it`s up to dog owners to control their pets so something like this doesn`t happen.