MORNING BUZZ: Progress? Powerball, and Pushing

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Good Morning!  Still fighting off the Allergies this morning with coughing and a runny nose.  I’m doing what the Dr said and still haven’t seen a lot of relief.  I’m wondering if there’s something else going on.  Our dry weather and the bloom of the trees make for a potent combo.


The story of an Urbandale teen targeted with a racist pamphlet makes you wonder how much progress we’ve really made where race is concerned.  Out and out racism is largely gone from our laws and public policy, and Iowa seems to be a progressive state where race is concerned.  That said, I wonder how much racism still bubbles under the surface.  We are not the most diverse state.  We have a lot of people who may have grown up in an all white or largely white community and so are not used to interacting with someone of another race.  So here’s my question: To what extent do you think Iowans hold racist attitudes, even if they don’t exhibit them outwardly?  I’ll be interested in the answer.


I didn’t buy a ticket for this one but that will change before Wednesday.  $475 Million is a lot of money.  I’ll open the floor for any suggestions on how to spend it… after I buy a new set of irons.

Tiger Tale

Looks like all of the people ready to pounce on Tiger Woods saying he was “lying” when he said he heard a Marshal give him the all clear before he hit last Saturday and disturbed Sergio Garcia…you owe the man an apology.  The marshal in question came forward and said he did in fact say that to Tiger.  The was no sinister intent to Tiger pulling a club as Sergio hit so as to get a reaction from the crowd.  Two great articles on this story from Golf Channel.  One sorts out the controversy, and the other talks about Sergio Garcia and his Victim’s mentality.  I agree.


Speaking of golf I took the boys for their first ever trip to a real golf course yesterday.  We’ve gone to  a driving range before and hit balls but I wasn’t sure if they were ready to go with me and ride along for none holes.  I confess to being slightly anxious about their golf future.  I want them to play…selfishly because I want to be able to spend that kind of time with them.  Golf has been a great connector for my Dad and I.  I think it’s a game kids should learn because it’s one of a handful of sports you can play all your life.  It teaches social skills.   As a kid I got my first lessons in meeting and socializing with adults when I would go out to a golf course and play as a single.  The game has helped me germinate and sustain friendships that I might not otherwise have.  I love the game of golf and naturally because I’ve had a great experience I hope they would want to play as well.

But, I don’t want to be the Dad who pushes his kids.  I feel like I’m just asking them to hate golf if I push too hard…so I am trying to take some good advice and letting my kids do what they want where golf is concerned.  I broke that rule a bit Wednesday.  I took JT with us, even though he said he didn’t want to go.  I thought he would have a good time and so I asked him to try this new experience.

It went well.  I never asked either boy to hit the ball, though they both carried their club around and hit a few times.  I asked for their help and gently tried to teach some basic rules ad etiquette.  They both told me they had a great time…I told them I was really glad they came and that I was proud of them for trying something new.  When I asked what the best part of the outing was the answer came without hesitation: Cheese Puffs and Gatorade for a snack!  They are still four.

1st golfThey may not play golf the rest of their lives or love the game like I do but I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and hope I get a lot more time on the golf course with them.

Your opinions on these or other topics are always welcome.  Please feel free!

Have a great day!