WATER SAFETY: Army Corps of Engineers Warning

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As the weather warms up more people will be heading out to the lake, but being safe while on the water should be top priority.

At Bass Pro shops Saturday, members from the Army Corps of Engineers met with families to tell them how to stay safe out on the water.

Iowa law states children 13 and under must wear a life-jacket on a boat, and those 13 and older have to have one close by.

Organizers say on top of boating, there is also a growing number of kayakers and canoers in the state. They want to make sure whatever water sport you choose, you take the time to be safe.

"Some of the things we want them to do is make sure they check their safety equipment before they head out on the water, going to want to check the life-jackets make sure they're in good shape, and everybody on board has one the fits them properly, and it's for the use that it's intended,” said Tracy Spry.

The Army Corps of Engineers is hosting similar events across the country this week as part of National Boating Safety Week.