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RECORD ENDS: Tornadoes Hit Iowa

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Just last week we set a record for the most consecutive days without a tornado in Iowa.

You can reset the counter Sunday night.

A series of storms tore across Dallas, Polk and Story counties Sunday evening.

Ch. 13’s Stephanie Moore found herself in the storm's path earlier and returned to Grimes to see the damage.

Before the storm hit Grimes it started in Earlham.

At the Earlham exit along Interstate 80, a huge wall of rain and wind went across the road. Immediately everyone started to exit off and take cover.

“My son was screaming the whole time and I was shaking holding onto his hand in the back seat, I’m still shaking.” Chrissy Jessen joined about a dozen others who pulled over to the Casey’s in Earlham to take cover from the hard rain and whipping wind.

“I was freaked out and my kids were screaming, but we`re here..”)

The storm ripped across Earlham, Casey’s employees say their power was knocked off as the storm moved through.

In town branches were down and on one street a huge maple tree fell.

A neighbor said he was trying to get back as the storm was picking up. He only came inches from the tree crushing his truck.

tree damage“Saw it coming through the fields it was picking up a lot of the field and we could hear the flag whipping pretty hard so we came into town,” described Jason Mutchler. “It was blowing the truck around, near the Casey’s so we just pulled into the house across the street and right after we had pulled in we saw the tree had come down right behind our truck,”

Residents in Earlham said the storm there only lasted about 10-15 minutes then it just turned to rain and the sky started clearing up.

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