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MORNING BUZZ:Second Guessing, Second Acts and Really Sergio?

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Good Morning

A lot of interesting stories today…

Second Guessing

So there are a few stories where we are left to wonder…why?  The story of two kidnapped girls in Dayton Iowa is the first.  As a parent you wonder why this guy wasn’t still in jail after a previous kidnapping charge.  Why weren’t Police aware of him?…he was on the sex offender registry.  Why wasn’t an Amber Alert issued early on?

You can do as much or as little of this as you like but the fact is, convicted kidnappers get out on parole, you can’t know where every sex offender is, unless you put a tracking device on them (and I think the courts might have a problem there).  Even after all of that, there is still no guarantee you can keep every kid safe.

Second Guessing II

Andy Fales did another interesting story about the measures local districts have taken to make sure kids can stay safe in severe weather.  Johnston’s District is trying to build a new High School.  Their first plan included a lot of glass.  Not a good choice for a tornado.  In Ankeny they thought of severe weather and have more interior rooms kids can move to in severe weather.  At Valley High, the just built a room that can withstand an EF-5 like the one they had in Oklahoma. Apparently it can withstand a missile strike.  I’m not sure that would come up anytime soon.

Here again, it is great to build for all the things you think are going to happen.  It’s the stuff you didn’t plan for that usually trip you up….and usually what leads people to second guess.

Second Acts

It’s been written that there are no second acts in American lives…I know I know…that’s not what Fitzgerald meant when he wrote the line…

Anyway…Anthony Weiner is hoping that’s not true.  He is running for NYC Mayor.  He says he’s running because he has “spent his whole life fighting for the middle class and people trying to make it”.  If you believe that I have a bridge for sale on either coast.

He is running because he is an egomaniac who can’t stand the idea that people aren’t paying attention to him.  Without a HUGE ego…how would you even consider taking a picture of…well…your…”namesake” and sending it to someone.  If he really cared about the middle class and making sure people were being given a fair shot at life, he could work in any number of ways toward that mission…outside of politics.

Really Sergio?

So I woke up to the news that Sergio Garcia had made some off color comments at the European Tour’s Awards dinner ahead of their PGA Championship.  When asked if he would be inviting Tiger Woods to dinner during the US Open week…Sergio said, “Sure we’ll have him over every night.  We’ll even serve fried chicken.”  Really?  There were a lot of people who saw Sergio as the victim in his latest little spat with Tiger.  Not anymore.  Now he just looks like the jerk a lot of people thought he was.

If you have comments on these or any other stories in the news…feel free to post them here or on Facebook!

Have a great day.



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