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VETERAN TRIBUTE: Flags Stolen, Again

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Overnight, thieves once again targeted the Masonic Cemetery in Des Moines.

Crews decorated the cemetery with flags for Memorial Day.  On Friday, $1,500 worth of flags were stolen.

“We had thirty flags on the avenue and we were working our way up to having as many flags as we could possibly have honoring those on the Memorial Day holiday,” said Johnny Audette, General Manager of the Des Moines Masonic Cemetery.

On Saturday, after contributions from the public and members of the Za-Ga-Zig Shrine and Mid-Iowa Council for Boy Scouts of America donated 80 flags. Workers had only replaced a few of the flags but those were stolen, again.

Workers say they had cameras in place and are reviewing video of the thieves.

Volunteers will replace all of the flags early Monday morning in time for the holiday.