IOWA RIVER: Marshalltown Prepares For Crest

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The Iowa River is nearing record levels near Marshalltown and it is still rising.

Emergency Management Official say in just a few hours on Monday the river rose nearly 7-feet. According to the National Weather Service it’s not done yet, they predict the river will crest in the early morning hours Thursday at 22-feet.

Folks that live in the area say this is the highest they have ever seen the water.

The spot that was drawing the most attention from residents on Monday was Highway 14. One of the main roads in to Marshalltown had to be closed because it was completely covered in water.

Barricades were put up to deter traffic, but they didn’t stop dozens of people from walking to see the damage for themselves.

Some sections of the road are already starting to erode and pieces of tar have come loose.

Authorities issued a common warning to drivers everywhere on Monday to be extra cautious when it comes to driving on water covered roads.

“A little bit of water on a road can actually wash a car off the road very easily, so that's another issue. Maybe it doesn't look that deep you think you can see the pavement, but it can wash that car into deeper water,” Marshall County Emergency Manager Kimberly Elder said.

Elder says that has already been an issue. Emergency crews had to rescue several people from their cars over the last few days.

Officials are also warning people to watch out for falling trees. They say the ground is so saturated it won't take much for some wind to knock a tree down.

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