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Days of rain have people in Marshalltown remembering back to the floods of 1993 and 2008. This time the water looked like it would hit record levels.

In 2008 the Iowa River hit a high of 21-feet 8-inches near Marshalltown.

Overnight that was expected to be topped, cresting at 22 feet.

According to the National Weather Service, however, the river crested Monday night at 21.4-feet and Tuesday morning it's below 21 feet.

But all the water has residents remembering floods past, and drawing comparisons.

“I remember the floods of ‘93 and the floods of ‘08, and the waters are so much higher over here with the bike path.  The bridge on 14 was raised and it's still clear at the bottom of the bridge,” said resident, Maureen Graves. “This water is just everywhere.”

One spot where the water is highest is on Highway 14.  The road is completely under water past the bridge.  Residents say in the past at least one lane of the highway was open.

All that water has emergency management officials in Marshalltown concerned about damage to the road and about people trying to drive through the water.

Kimberly Elder with Marshall County Emergency Management says crews have already rescued several people from their cars.

It's not just the roads and drivers officials are keeping an eye on; they're also keeping a close watch on the levees.

“Right now, the Marshalltown Public Works and Corp of Engineers are keeping in contact with the weather service, so they can watch the levees, walk the levees, and make sure there are no soft spots,” Elder said.

The City is asking residents to stay off the levees at night especially while the water is high.  Anyone who notices problems with the levees or holes is asked to call Steve Simons at Public Works.

Officials say more than 70 percent of homes and businesses in Marshalltown are dealing with flooded basements and the water isn't expected to be below flood stage until Thursday morning.