Ed’s Weather Journal

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Strong thunderstorms roared through our soggy state again today and will continue to move through the area tonight through Friday morning.

The hardest hit areas had over 3 inches of rainfall with 70 mph wind. There were several reports of hail with the flooding. Flash Flooding will continue through the next 24 hours. Counties that are or were under flash flood warnings tonight will see the same warnings tomorrow.

The next line of storms is moving our way tonight. There is a tornado watch until 2AM for western Iowa. Tornado Watch
The tornado watch is just for the western 2 or three lines of counties..but any one of the storms the next 24 hours could spin up tornadoes.
Here is the outlook for severe weather over the midwest. You can see Iowa is mostly covered by the slight risk of thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes. day1otlk_20130530_0100_prt

There are many roads that are covered with flood water tonight. Make sure you turn around and don’t drown. Some of those roads are completely washed out. Those are mostly gravel roads or dirt roads in rural areas of our counties. Nevada Flooding Cindy Weigel
The picture of the van running through flooded streets was taken around 6PM in Nevada. Cindy Wiegel was able to take the shot from her front window. Please try to stay out of those flooded streets. No one knows if there is debris or a lifted man-hole-cover that could cause an accident or if that water is enough to wash your car down the street or into a stream. It could…at the very least…stall your engine and leave you stranded.
This street was partially covered with the rising water from ditches and fields near Ankeny. Ankeny Flooding

And as some of those flooded roads started to show more pavement than flood water…more storms were brewing in western Iowa. Sebrina Swenson from Ames shot these pictures of the storms starting to rise up and move back into central Iowa tonight. Ames Storm Dev. Sebrina Swenson
Earlier Sebrina found piles of hail on her poarch. It’s been a long day…and will be a long 24 hours as the storms pass over the same areas that were flooded out today. Ames Hail Sabrina Swenson