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I’ve really been slacking in the blog department lately.  Many other things have taken priority.  It has me thinking Twitter might be right up my alley since there’s a limit on how many words a person can post.  I’m still on the fence …

I’m feeling old today.  Not old with regard to number, but with regard to aches and pains.  I can always blame trainer Irene McCormick for this feeling, but today it’s also thanks to a great workout at the Principal Charity Classic.  Sonya and I don’t golf, but trainer Kent Biggerstaff showed us some great functional moves for anyone who wants to maintain mobility.  You can watch the segment here.

I’m also dragging because Michael and I spent our entire “holiday” weekend cleaning up our disgusting basement. It’s the sort of undertaking they’d show on HGTV that would take half a day.  I always watch those remodeling projects and scream at the television, “Yeah, RIGHT!”

basementThis is a photo from last January when we used the space for our workouts with Mean Irene.  As you can see – it’s nasty.  This is what comes with living in a home that was built in 1890.  It’s not as if people were outfitting their basements to be Man Caves or fancy home gyms back then!

BASEMENT NEWHere’s the same corner after our project.  Much better.  However, my back is killing me and I think I could have inhaled a toxic combination of mouse poop, lead paint and/or asbestos. Who knows… sometimes ignorance is bliss!

All of this happened (in part) because of our crazy old cat.  More on that later …

Have you taken on projects around the house that turned into a much bigger undertaking than you expected?  Please share.

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