ERIN OFF CAMERA: Honors, Heroes & Did You Hear That?!?

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It’s the time of year when young people – and even some not so young people – are receiving diplomas and looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. I love the “commencement roundup” NBC Nightly News produces every year. It isn’t posted on the website yet, but this excerpt of Oprah’s speech is awesome.


We throw around the word “hero” way too often in my opinion, but some local police officers and a county deputy really are.  If you missed Stephanie Moore’s story today, watch it here.

Did You Hear That?!?

We’re all guilty of tripping over our tongues and mispronouncing things here at Channel 13. This afternoon such events started a conversation in the newsroom about funny slips of the tongue, and flat out mistakes.

Here are some of my personal flubs: When I was little I thought the beginning of The Lord’s Prayer went like this, “Our Father, who art in heaven, how do ya say my name?” My dad eventually caught this and said, “He says it ‘Erin’ just like everyone else.”  For years I thought the phrase “For all intents and purposes” was “For all intensive purposes”. And I once pronounced the name Worcester, MA as “war-chester”. Earlier this week I lost my place in my script and just opened my mouth and uttered, “Uhhhhhhhhh…..” and today I tripped over Jim Zabel’s name!

Producer Brenna K. piped up and shared that when she sang “Hosanna” in church she thought it was “lasagne”.

A girl who worked here years ago pronounced feces as “feck-us”.  On TV.

Dan said “cup board” on the air and Sonya butchered “posthumously”.

I know someone who says “Let’s play it by year” and another who says “That guy’s like a bowl in a china shop!”

My mom once had a little guy in her third grade class who was always writing “gunu” in his papers. It took some investigative work on her part but she finally figured out that he meant “going to”.

Share your good ones …

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