FISHERMAN’S FRIEND: Floods Help Anglers

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All this rain and flooding have been a big negative for most people but some say high water levels are actually a good thing.

Not everyone can understand the love a fisherman has for his hobby. John Donly has fished in Iowa’s ponds, streams and lakes all his life, “I used to fish over there every single day, mom would read her books and I would fish.”

He says when the water rises, more fish are likely to come around places with still water as they avoid the strong currents.

“It’s because the waters are so high, they’ve got to labor so much just to swim,” explains Donly.

The fishermen at the Marina aren't complaining though. More water means more fish.

“We came here earlier in the spring before the flood waters came and were weren’t catching anything but now that there are flood waters we are starting to catch much more," says Mario Campos.

fish kissAs the flood waters slowly start to dwindle so does John's afternoon at the marina but not before one last lucky catch. And this one deserved a kiss.

“He loves fish more than he loves me because I’m through. When he wants a kiss be better come down and catch one and kiss it,” says wife, Mona Gatefield. “That’s why they make Colgate,” is the husband’s retort.

I guess we'll never quite understand the bond between a fisherman and his fish.