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WEDDING CRASHER: Surprise Four-Legged Guest

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An unwelcome visitor left its mark on the Scottish Rite in downtown Des Moines over the weekend. The party crasher only stayed a few minute, but during that time caused more than enough damage.

“Right through the front doors and through the one that's all broken,” says Scottish Rite Executive Director Shane Harshbarger.

After smashing through the one glass door, a deer veered to the right and went crashing through a second one. A security guard spotted the intruder around 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Workers scrambled to keep the animal away from the more than 300 invited wedding guests.

“We know we don't want it to go downstairs and we have doors on either side so let's put it one direction or the other - so they just kind of walked towards it. It was pretty scared,” says Harshbarger.

They managed to herd the deer down the hallway and out the side door.

“It will be a good story to tell for a long time,” he says.

The one and only time people at the Scottish Rite came face to face with a four-legged intruder.

“Not a chance that we'll see it again,” says Harshbarger.

The Scottish Rite says the glass doors will be fixed and ready for the next wedding reception.

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