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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Goosebumps, Gross, Good For You!

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Friday during the six o’clock show we upended things in order to bring you live coverage from our sister station KFOR in Oklahoma City.  The news of another massive tornado in that area, coupled with the images and the frantic voices of storm chasers literally made my hair stand on end.  I’ve been storm chasing before, I’ve seen the aftermath of some awful tornadoes and I’ve huddled in a basement during at least one life-threatening storm, but I can’t imagine what people in Oklahoma are dealing with right now.

Many Iowans are dealing with flooding and its aftermath.  There are few things as nasty as cleaning up after a flood.  Everything’s ruined, the smell is horrific … and Ed says we’re getting more rain this week.

Cleaning up this basement isn’t that bad …

before… but it still stinks.  Literally. I think I look a little cross-eyed here. Must be the paint fumes.

painterThis is turning into a never-ending project for me and Michael and we’re both getting sick of it! Next up – our kitchen.  I can’t even think about it right now.

The only thing I can think of that might make me feel more tired and sore is running Dam to Dam.  Congratulations to the two Dans in my life … my brother-in-law and my co-anchor. Both completed the race on Saturday.  I’m so impressed!!!

pilates tabataOn second thought, Angie Gallagher usually makes me feel a lot of pain. She puts us through a unique core routine in today’s “Workout of the Week”. Catch it at five, or watch it online.  We were wincing every time we laughed or coughed for days after this one.

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