ADVANCING STEM: Learing Outside The Classroom

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The governor and lieutenant governor attended an event Wednesday dedicated to promoting learning for science, technology, engineering, and math.

“Today’s even is the unprecedented gathering of the informal and non-formal leaders across Iowa. Zoos, museums, science centers, after school programs uniting them to help us with our STEM advancements”, said STEM Executive Director, Jeff Weld.

The event was a one day retreat which took place in Des Moines’ World Food Prize Hall of Laureates. At the event the group was involved with an interactive lesson on hunger using M&Ms.  Two groups were formed; one had a lot of M&Ms and one had very little. The point of the exercise was to teach the two groups to work together to better divide resources.

That exercise and others through the day gave the organizations a chance to see new ways to offer STEM learning outside of the classroom.

Organizers say that due to the success of this event, it will now become an annually held gathering.

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