ANGELS PARK: Making Progress

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Despite less than ideal weather conditions organizers working on the Angels Memorial Park in Evansdale say they are proud of the progress they are making.

The park is built in memory of Evansdale cousins Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook who were kidnapped in July of 2012 and found dead 6 months later.

So far, a shelter, two gazebos, and the concrete pads for three more gazebos are complete.

“The only thing we have paid for is the shelters, the materials to purchase the gazebos and the shelter,” Volunteer Dona Frickson said. “That’s all we’ve put money out so far for.”

Frickson said two more gazebos still need to be built and land work and planting needs to be finished. She stressed progress is being made, but they don’t have a specific finish date in mind.

“We’re pushing for this as hard now as we were when we began,” said Frickson.

Frickson says many people have commented on the progress of the park, but says the comment that stuck with her most came from Drew Collins, Elizabeth’s father.

“He said it just tore him up every time he drove by it, and he said now, ‘I drive by and see the gazebos. I see the shelter, I see the construction and now it’s getting to be a happy place. It’s becoming a better place,'” said Frickson.

Anyone wanting to purchase a memorial brick to be placed at the park can order them on the Angels Park Facebook page.

One hundred percent of the donations go to the park, Frickson said.

Thanks to KWWL for this story.

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