ERIN OFF CAMERA: The Fuss Over Floppy

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Oh my gosh, people are livid about this business with Floppy.

First things first.  Dan doesn’t hate Floppy and he didn’t dis Floppy on the news last night. Dan just doesn’t want to get involved in the debate about Floppy’s proper placement at the Iowa Historical Building.

FLOPPYI confess I didn’t fully understand what a big deal Floppy was/is until I married a Central Iowa boy. Michael is bonkers about Floppy.  He remembers racing to the television set as a kid to catch the show with his brothers.

little mikeMichael (on the left with big brother, Dan) says his favorite Floppy memory is getting to honk Floppy’s nose.  Michael’s favorite joke from the show is, “Why did the man put the car in the oven?”  Do you know the answer?

MattStateFairMichael’s mom got her four boys Floppy t-shirts several years ago.  This is eldest brother, Matt wearing his at the State Fair.

If you’re reminiscing about Floppy, Ed Wilson shared this wonderful link that will take you to clips that are posted on You Tube.  Ed’s favorite joke also happens to be “Why did the man put the car in the oven?” Did you know there are TWO different responses to this one?  Bonus points if you know both.

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