FLOOD FORUM: Des Moines Better At Battling Flooding

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While much of the state was inundated with flood waters over the last few weeks, many areas in Des Moines escaped major damage. Metro officials credit significant levee work in recent years for keeping areas like Gray’s Lake from flooding worse.

Tuesday night, city leaders met to discuss what they’ve accomplished so far, and how to continue to keep Des Moines safe from future floods.

They called it the living with floods forum.

Speakers were from the city of Des Moines and also from the new Iowa Flood Center which began in 2009 at the University of Iowa.

They discussed Des Moines’ improved levee systems and new pump stations like the one that just opened off Court Avenue. They say they will continue to buy-up flood prone homes and properties within the city limits.

They also talked a great deal about all that has changed since Des Moines’ great flood of 1993 as it happened exactly twenty years ago, this month. They say a flood like that couldn’t happen again, not here.

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