SHOTS FIRED: Police Investigating Two Shootings

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Des Moines police are investigating two shootings in the same area that happened early Wednesday morning.

Witnesses say they heard the gunshots at Jordan Park near Lovejoy Elementary.

Police spent the morning collecting evidence from two scenes, but say the shooting are probably linked.

“He shows up before the house is shot, with a friend, leaves before the house is shot, but shortly after he leaves the house is shot up. So it’s not too far of a stretch to think they are probably related,” Sgt. Jason Halifax said.

Officers first responded to Jordan Park where they found a bullet casing and a blood trail. Initially they said no one was shot, but a while later someone walked in the Mercy Emergency Room saying they were shot in the ankle.

Police say 18-year old Trevon Young was shot four times.

Young claims to not know his shooter.



A home on East 7th Street was also sprayed with bullets. Police say one bullet went through the home’s bathroom, but no one was hurt.

Resident Stacey Klein says shootings are unusual in the neighborhood, “this isn’t a bad neighborhood, I kind of keep to myself I guess, but this isn’t a bad neighborhood.”

Police have not made any arrests in the case.


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