WORK DELAYED: Wet Weather Slows Construction

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More than a dozen construction projects, in Central Iowa alone, are behind schedule thanks to recent wet weather.

One project expecting significant delays is the by-pass bridge project on US 65 in Polk County. The Iowa DOT is building new bridges to address flooding concerns in the area.

“Of course that’s an area that’s prone to flooding so that’s delayed the contractor in there. We get water backed up from Red Rock, so that project is going to see some significant delays,” explained Tony Gustafson with the Iowa DOT.

It's not the only project that will now have to make up for lost time. The DOT says once the weather warms up and dries out, contractors might have to work overtime. Officials said that could mean working 12 or 13 hour days, and up to 7 days in a row.

“If the soil is saturated you can’t properly move it to build an embankment somewhere, it’s got to be the right conditions to be able to haul it and then work it,” said Gustafson.

The DOT said it is important traffic gets back to normal for these projects by the time winter sets in.

“If we keep getting delayed and there are things beyond the contractor’s control, we have special circumstances providing some more incentive for them, as in additional funds to help them get the project done and open to traffic,” said Gustafson.

Construction season typically can last into November. DOT officials say there is a chance this one could be a little longer because of wet weather delays.