FIRST HAND: Softballers Home After Tornado

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When the Johnston softball team, the Dragons, heard about the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma, they wanted to help. They raised $1,800 for tornado victims, and decided to hand deliver it while they were in Oklahoma for a tournament. Little did they know, they would be caught in another tornado that ripped through the state

“All of us I think started to get scared when we went to the stairwell and they were like guys it’s getting closer, we have to move. And that`s when it kind of scared me the most because I knew it was going to get closer and we had to move to a safer area,” said Chloe Fehn.

“I would have been scared if I was by myself but since I was with the team I wasn`t that scared because I had all my friends and their kind of like my other family,” said Allie Bustad.

The team was in their hotel lobby when the tornado sirens went off on Friday.

The situation was made even more real, when they remembered what they saw on their drive *to the hotel, driving through the recently devastated city of Moore.

“Crunched up cars, tons of broken houses, movie theaters all wrecked up. It was so scary,” said Bustad.

“Every kid was crying mostly and we all put the picture of Moore in our heads, and kept thinking that`s going to happen to us,” said Fehn.

“But we were trying to get off the subject. We were like so how’s the softball tournament going to be. Trying to get off the subject, trying to get everybody calm down,” continued Bustad.

Their coach knows the experience is something that will stick with them.

“I think it definitely teaches the kid’s lessons to like bad things happen to people every day and you got to play through some of those bad things that happen to you,” said Coach Tony Heghes.

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