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MURPHY’S LAW: Woes at the US Open, Ihmels the Bronco, Hockey anyone?

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By: John Sears

I thought the US Open was supposed to be easy?  Weren’t the ‘experts’ saying Merion golf club was going to play too short and too soft for the golfers?  Fail.  After 3 rounds 1 player is under par, Phil Mickelson, your leader.  Lefty is -1.  All other golfers are even par or worse.  Tiger Woods fired a 76 in the 3rd round, he’s at +9.  Robert Karlsson shot an 86 today, 86!!!  The pros are being humbled, and I kind of like it.  I like when players have to grind to just save bogey.  I like it when you have to actually work for birdies.  This is how a US Open should be.  I’ll be pulling for either Mickelson or Steve Stricker to win on Sunday.

Corey Ihmels leaving Iowa State is very, very, odd.  Ihmels, a track coach for the Cyclones for 11 years (6 as the Head Coach), leaves for Boise State?  I don’t get it.  Ihmels turned ISU in to a very successful program.  He coached Lisa Koll (now Uhl) and Betsy Saina to NCihmels vacantAA titles.  More importantly, Ihmels is a Cyclone.  ISU is his alma mater.
Now if he leaves for Florida, Alabama, Kansas, or Texas A&M that’s one thing, but Boise State?  Ihmels lead the Cyclone women to a 13th place finish at the NCAA’s, the Bronco women finished 32nd.  There are only two possibilities I can think of.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ or Ihmels wasn’t getting the type of support from Pollard he wanted.  None the less, it’s a big loss for ISU, and they didn’t waste any time taking Ihmels’ name off of

Why is game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals on NBC Sports Network and not on regular NBC?  Am I missing something?  I work for an NBC affiliate and I don’t understand this.  The Bruins and Blackhawks are coming off a triple overtime thriller in game 1.  Ratings were better than they’ve ever been for hockey, why put game 2 on the ‘obscure’ NBC sports channel?  Instead, NBC airs re-runs of Chicago Fire, Law and Order and Saturday Night Live.  Maybe these re-runs score bigger ratings than hockey?  Very possible, but it still seems odd.

Kinnick stadium was voted 6th best stadium in the Big 10 by Athlon Sports.  That seems fair.  The horseshoe at Ohio State is #1 followed by Beaver Stadium (Penn State), Memorial Stadium (Nebraska), Camp Randall (Wisconsin), and the Big House (Michigan).

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.  Big Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, he’s in the process of recovering from hip surgery.  Not fun.  Get well soon Dad, I love ya.
I’m part of the ‘Fathers Day’ group as well.  It’s crazy how time flies.  3 years ago I was in Cedar Rapids and  ‘kidless.’  Now I’ve got 2 great kids, Adrienne and Jack.  They’re awesome, and I’m honored to be their Dad

jack adrienne


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