BRIEF FILED: Doctor Wants Charges Dismissed

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The attorney for a former Des Moines pain doctor, charged with manslaughter, is asking the judge to dismiss the case.

Dr. Daniel Baldi is charged with 10-counts of manslaughter. Prosecutors say he knowingly over-prescribed pain medication to at least 10-patients, who later died. Among them, Paul Gray, the former bass player for Slipknot.

In a brief filed Monday, Baldi’s attorney says autopsy results show four of the patients showed no medication prescribed by Dr. Baldi in their toxicology at the time of their death and two were former patients of Dr. Baldi.

Four other patients did have medication prescribed by Dr. Baldi in their systems at the time of death, but toxicology shows it was “below or within therapeutic levels…and had nothing whatsoever to do with Dr. Baldi’s care.”

The brief also claims the criminal investigation was conducted illegally.

“Before the medical board had finished their investigation they had already released confidential information to a criminal investigator without disclosing that to Dr. Baldi…but regardless putting that aside our papers demonstrate that the evidence is not there. These charges should never have been brought,” says Baldi’s attorney, Guy Cook.

The Iowa Board of Medicine did not respond to a request for an interview.

This is the first time an Iowa doctor has been charged criminally in connection with the death of a patient. Baldi is scheduled to stand trial in December.